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At Green Check Company, we produce flower boxes according to the needs of customers and the designs of architects and landscape designers. Our products are made of three different materials: wood, metal, and plastic wood. We are also able to customize the dimensions and designs of the boxes to ensure they fit properly with the surrounding environment and architecture.
Relying on our experience and skills, we strive to produce and offer high-quality products. Our goal is to satisfy your needs by designing and implementing beautiful and unique boxes that harmonize with the design and architecture of your environment.

What is a flower box?

A flower box is a modern version of traditional pots that were used in the past to beautify the surroundings of houses. These flower boxes can be used in various ways in green spaces. They are placed in the soil, and the empty space is used for planting and growing all kinds of flowers and plants. Flower boxes have become a popular option to replace gardens due to limited space for creating green areas.

What are the uses of a flower box?

A flower box is an effective way to enhance the surrounding environment. It can be used in various settings, including roof gardens, terraces, pavilions, yards, villa gardens, balconies, government offices, companies, parks, and green spaces. By installing flower boxes in these places, you can decorate your living environment with beautiful and diverse flowers and plants, creating a pleasant urban atmosphere.

In addition to beautifying the surroundings, flower boxes also contribute to environmental preservation. They allow for the planting of various flowers and plants, which increases oxygen levels in the environment. By installing flower boxes in different settings, you can help improve air quality, increase oxygen levels, and add beauty and freshness to the space. Flower boxes are thus an efficient tool for beautifying the environment, enhancing urban spaces, preserving the environment, and creating a pleasant and revitalizing atmosphere.

What is a plastic wood flower box?

A plastic wood flower box is made of Wood-Plastic Composite (WPC), an artificial building material that combines wood and plastic. This material consists of natural wood fibers (such as wood powder or wood fibers) mixed with plastic polymers (such as polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, or polypropylene).

Plastic wood flower boxes exhibit characteristics of both wood and plastic. They have an appearance and texture similar to wood, giving them a natural and beautiful look. However, due to the presence of polymers, they also possess properties such as resistance to moisture, heat, impact, and sunlight.

The advantages of using plastic wood flower boxes include resistance to weather changes, insects, and termites. They require minimal maintenance and painting, have a long lifespan, and are environmentally friendly.

Price of  flower boxes wpc

The price of flower boxes varies depending on factors such as dimensions, materials, quality, design, and installation methods. Market type and geographic region can also influence the price.

In general, plastic wood flower boxes are more affordable compared to other building materials used for beautifying the environment. They offer features such as moisture and water resistance, resistance to insects and termites, low maintenance requirements, long lifespan, and environmental friendliness.

To determine the exact price of flower boxes, it is best to consult reliable stores, manufacturers, or contractors. You can also visit the Green Check online store for detailed information on the prices of flower boxes.

Online shopping for flower boxes

The Green Check online store offers a collection of the best and highest quality wooden flower boxes with various designs and dimensions. Plastic wood flower boxes, with their beautiful and attractive appearance, play a unique role in the interior and exterior decoration of your home and work environment.

At Green Check, we use only the finest raw materials and quality plastic wood to produce flower boxes. We adhere to relevant standards to ensure that our products are safe and durable, allowing you to enjoy them for a long time.

You can visit our website to purchase plastic flower boxes online, and you can also register your purchase through the communication methods listed on the website.

Buying a flower box

When purchasing a flower box, it is important to consider the material used, the required dimensions, and to compare different sellers before making your purchase. Pay attention to after-sales service and product warranty, as they are crucial factors to consider.

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