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A water feature, also known as a fountain, is an architectural element commonly found in Iranian gardens. Fountains symbolize rivers, springs, and water streams in various landscapes such as plains, forests, and deserts. They are designed to create beautiful and pleasant surroundings, accompanied by the calming and flowing sound of water. Fountains have the ability to instantly relieve daily tensions and stresses, providing a sense of freshness, harmony, and peace.

As a result, many advanced cities around the world have constructed and installed various types of fountains. Here are the different categories of fountains:

Static Fountain:

This type of fountain is the simplest form, creating a single movement activated by a pump. Static water features consist of stationary fountains designed to complement the surrounding environment.

Animated Fountain:

These fountains rely on the movement of water and can be created using electrical or mechanical mechanisms. The water movement in an animated fountain occurs naturally and freely, without control.

Jet Fountain:

Jet fountains propel water upwards with high pressure, forming water jets at great heights. They are typically located in large spaces such as parks and squares, offering a visually appealing display.

Dancing Fountain:

Dancing fountains feature synchronized movements of water, light, and music. The water dances and flows harmoniously with the accompanying music, enhanced by proper lighting. These fountains are commonly installed in parks, commercial complexes, and large public spaces, creating a captivating visual spectacle.

Combination Fountain:

Combination fountains incorporate various water movements, shapes, and elements. They can include fountains, slides, waterfalls, and other natural features, resulting in unique and diverse landscapes.

Urban Fountain:

Urban fountains are primarily installed in urban spaces, serving as decorative elements in streets, squares, parks, and other public areas. They can be small fountains, waterfalls, ponds, or covered water systems.

Artistic Fountain:

Artistic fountains are considered works of art, displaying water through creative designs and elements. These fountains may feature complex geometric shapes, symbols, artwork, and unique designs. In addition to their aesthetic value, artistic fountains are often tourist attractions.

Historical Fountain:

Historical fountains are typically found in areas of historical and cultural significance. They may incorporate architectural elements from different historical periods, along with artwork, cultural motifs, and elements that reflect the region's history and culture. Historical fountains serve as both historical and tourist attractions.

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