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Great Green Wall

Great Green Wall

Green wall: the green lungs of your home

A green wall, also known as a vertical garden, is a living garden that is installed vertically on a wall. These walls can be composed of different plants, such as houseplants, ferns, cacti and even edible plants. Green walls of various sizes, including oversized, medium and small green walls, have been designed and implemented in different cities and countries. Still, Greencheck, as one of the leading companies in Iran, Oman and Canada, has implemented various projects. You can see our projects on the website.

Advantages of a green wall:

Air purification: The plants in the green wall naturally purify the air and absorb the toxins in it.

Regulation of humidity: the green wall helps to regulate the humidity of the air and prevents the air from drying out.

Reducing the ambient temperature: The plants in the green wall help to cool the environment and reduce the air temperature.

Increasing the beauty of the environment: 

The green wall adds to the beauty of the interior and exterior of your home and creates a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere.

Reducing stress: 

Studies have shown that being in nature and seeing plants can help reduce stress and anxiety.

Green wall applications:

Homes: Green walls can be installed in any part of your home, such as the living room, bedroom, kitchen and even bathroom.

Office environments: A green wall can create a relaxing and dynamic atmosphere in office environments.

Restaurants and cafes: The green wall can help create a pleasant and attractive atmosphere for customers in restaurants and cafes.

Schools and universities: The green wall can help create an attractive and dynamic educational environment for students.

Medical centres: The green wall can help create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere for patients in medical centres.

Design and implementation of the green wall:

Designing and implementing a green wall requires sufficient expertise and knowledge. Green space design specialists can recommend the best type of green wall for your needs and taste.

If you are looking for experts in this field, just message our experts on WhatsApp so that they can take the necessary measures to design your green wall as soon as possible.

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As a last resort, you can contact us for the design and implementation of a large green wall, a roof garden, a green terrace, a vertical green wall, and the construction of a green space in the yard. To see examples of projects, visit the project section of our website.

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