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Vertical Green Wall

Vertical Green Wall

Everything About Green Walls

A green wall is no longer just for architectural firms trying to win design awards, but also for businesses looking to improve their green credentials. It will introduce green spaces with these beautiful vertical spaces.

The “Green Check” company is one of the main implementers of the green wall in Oman and Iran. If you are interested in adding a living green wall to your home, roof garden or workplace, let us know by a simple contact.

What is a green wall?

Living greenwalls are a collection of plants that grow vertically using the water culture method or other methods, on structures that can be free or attached to the walls.

What are the walls made of?

Living green walls consist of plants that are introduced into the growing medium and then placed on the walls of buildings to provide greenery and plant benefits while using minimal horizontal space.​

A green wall is made up of various proprietary systems that are assembled on a structure that holds the plants and their growing medium to the wall. Some of the created green walls also include a system that allows the plants to be watered automatically.​

Green check” company uses different types of plants in its creation, which are selected based on clients’ taste and a number of environmental factors.

How does a green wall work?

Green walls are very similar to real walls. They are made with a skeleton-like structure that is hung with sections of plants and flowers that make up the green wall. Just like how a green wall works, a lot depends on the type of green wall system installed.

In some green walls there are some hidden pipes that provide a self-watering mechanism to keep plants healthy, while others require manual watering.​

As for how the benefits of green walls affect your business, it starts with the living plants themselves. Plants naturally take in carbon dioxide and other pollutants and then release fresh, clean oxygen.

Green walls also help reduce noise and take advantage of biophilic design (the concept that people perform better when they have access to nature in their workplace).​

Green walls contain a large number of plants in a relatively small space, horizontally. By using the walls and extending upwards, the plants, which give the most benefit, are installed on the ground without reducing the space.​

Roof garden in Oman


Vertical Green Wall

Vertical Green Wall


Where were these green walls invented?​

The idea of ​​living green walls was first invented by Stanley Hartwhite in 1938.​ After building one of the most famous green walls at the “Quai Jacques Chirac” in Paris, he was the godfather of the “vegetable wall” that sparked a revolution in sustainable architecture.​

These amazing structures bring nature back into urban environments. As the concrete jungle expands and pollution increases, the use of living green walls reverses this trend. By placing selected plants within, living green walls invented to help restore the balance of nature.​

What are the advantages of a living green wall in your workplace?

As we move away from green space in cities, living green walls can return urban spaces to something natural and beautiful. They can also improve air quality and provide health benefits.​

roof garden design

The reasons for using green walls in the interior?​

Green walls are used indoors for companies that want to create a unique decorative space.

A green wall is a great option for any business that wants to enjoy the benefits of plants. Green walls add a unique design element to lobbies, meeting rooms, hallways, and reception areas.​

Green walls create a strong visual statement for customers and also potential clients. It also provides all the benefits of connecting plants to buildings and the workplace. A green wall with a biophilic design can improve creativity, reduce absenteeism and other work concerns.

What are the visual advantages of living green walls?​

Our modern society is all about pictures, and nothing beats nature for beauty. A well-designed green wall can dramatically improve the appearance of a building, adding color and texture that never goes out of style.​

Each wall is specially designed, using different types of plants that can change in color, growth and flower to create living art, instead of grass on the side of the building.​

Are living green walls good for buildings?​

Buildings are adversely affected by temperature changes that cause expansion and contraction, which leads to worsening cracks and fissures over time.​

Living walls provide external protection to buildings not only from temperature fluctuations but also by diverting water away from the walls during heavy rain and providing UV protection.​​

Vertical Green Wall

Vertical Green Wall

Can green walls reduce energy costs?​

The creation of urban environments has created a worrying side effect. Regarding the urban heat island effect, researches have shown that urban areas are significantly warmer than rural areas. This increase in temperature has a negative impact on the environment. From increased energy demand in the summer to air pollutants.​

Living green walls help compensate for this problem by providing shade from the effects of direct sunlight. Also, unlike brick or concrete, plant surfaces do not store solar energy, but instead reflect it. Internal and external walls actively cool the air in the summer by a process called evapotranspiration and reduce the need to cool the building.​

But the benefits of green walls don’t end with summer. These panels insulate the building and reduce energy costs for heating the building in winter.​

How a green wall help reduce noise levels?​

Plants have long been used to reduce noise levels on highways and other noisy roads throughout the US and Europe. Living green walls expand on this idea. Plants naturally block high-frequency sounds while the supporting structure can help reduce noise, which can significantly change urban environments as the use of green walls increases.

Do green walls increase the value of the property?

The American Building Council developed the LEED Green (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) program as an internationally recognized green building certification system to help transform the design, construction and operation of buildings. Commercial and residential buildings can earn LEED accreditation by meeting specific green criteria.​

implementing living green walls, either indoors or outdoors, provides LEED points for low water use and efficient irrigation, which can help companies contribute to sustainable solutions. This, in turn, increases property value by providing an understanding positive contribute to a modern building with a modified carbon footprint.

Are green walls good for employee morale?​

Just being close to plants has usually a positive effect on people’s well-being. In fact, studies have shown that even seeing nature in the workplace can increase job satisfaction. Implementing a green structure, such as a green wall, also sends a message to employees that they are employed in a company that is concerned with providing a pleasant work environment.​


Vertical Green Wall

Vertical Green Wall

What types of plants live in green walls?

Because each living green wall is individually designed for a specific project, all walls are different.​

Indoor plants are completely different from those used on exterior walls. Indoor plants are tropical plants from the southern hemisphere.​

The plants for the outside of the building are selected based on the climate zone, because it is important to use the correct plants in the correct areas, so the plants are selected accordingly.

For example, if you are in the north, we choose plants that can survive more in the northern climate, so in the south you will have more varieties of plants that will grow and therefore a wider selection of plants available to use.​

Which plant species grow in living green walls?​

There are a number of main species of plants that seat well in green walls, especially those with a wide tolerance range.

Some plants are very weak and decompose very quickly, so if they don’t get enough water, they will wither very quickly, while other plants have more than one growth cycle, where they die quickly and are able to better adapt to their environment.

Can a living green wall be a custom design?​

Green walls are organized as panel and tray systems or free walls, meaning there is a suitable wall for every space.​

In modular panel systems, plants such as “common sage” can grow in the panels and can be used indoors or outdoors, and is resistant to any weather.

Modular panel systems are also popular for indoor displays. Plants are plucked from the site and inserted into the wall, offering a great deal of versatility that can be designed to cover entire surfaces or as living art.​

Modular scaffolding walls are often used indoors and are easily replaced or get different by changing locations or changing plants.​

The price of the green wall?​

As with all new technologies, green wall systems don’t come cheap, but there are several pricing tiers to fit your budget.​

The cheapest option is walls where plants are installed on site, such as a modular panel system, which reduces the cost of pre-growing plants elsewhere. However, there will not be complete coverage of the plants and it may be a year before the plants bloom.​

​Alternatively, green walls that are fully installed require pre-grown plants. Some of these systems, for example, grow plants in the garden for 8 to 12 weeks before they grow. This price reflects the fact that you are paying tuition, paying for fertilizer and maintenance, and then moving them to the site where they are implemented/installed.

Can green walls be used to grow food?

Some systems are specifically designed for herbs and vegetables and vertical gardens, such systems can be a great solution for growing food in a space-constrained environment.

However, it is usually not recommended to install green walls in restaurants and using green walls to grow food is not something we recommend.​

Although there’s no reason why this can’t be done, when you grow plants and cut them back, you’re left with a blank wall. Oftentimes, restaurant interior spaces don’t have what they really need.

Where can living green walls be used?​

Green walls can be fitted to a new building or renovation, from adventurous garden projects to large commercial projects. They can be installed/implemented inside offices or attached to the outside of buildings.​

Public sectors will certainly benefit from the environmental advantages of systems participating in CO2 reduction targets.​

Can I install a green wall in my house?​

The flexibility of green walls makes them perfect for all environments. Just like office buildings, living green walls can be installed both indoors and outdoors.​

“Green check” company’s green wall specialists can discuss the requirements and design a suitable solution for your needs.

Is it difficult to maintain a green wall?

The simple answer is yes, but the good news is that customers are not the only ones to deal with basic maintenance.​

Maintenance of the green wall is critical to ensure the success of the wall. Most companies insist on a mandatory one-year warranty with their green walls.

At “Green check” company, we ensure that the wall is installed correctly and then properly maintained for the first year. After that, depending on the customer’s preference, we can continue to care for the wall.​

The most important time for green walls, especially in the first few months, is to do the watering correctly on time.

How do you want to water a green wall?​

​Most green walls are designed with a drip irrigation system, which maximizes water usage, and is regulated using an automatic system that adjusts watering times to minimize water waste.​

Smart irrigation systems are the most efficient. They apply water repeatedly and pump water from the bottom up until there is no water left. Then the tank is refilled. Alternatively, direct irrigation is an option for spaces that do not have room for tanks.

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