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How to create a simple roof garden?

simple roof garden (2)

How to create a simple roof garden?

Green roofs and rooftop gardens are becoming increasingly popular worldwide as they contribute to healthier cities. Countries such as Japan, the United States, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, and Singapore are actively promoting and developing green roofs to mitigate the negative impact of human activities and encourage urban farming. Sustainable growth and development in cities is crucial, and rooftop gardens play a significant role in achieving this. Governments are incorporating green initiatives into building policies, including the implementation of rooftop or terrace gardens, rainwater harvesting systems, and the use of solar panels. For instance, the French government has made it mandatory for all new buildings to include rooftop or  green terrace . These policies help increase green spaces, which are often limited due to land scarcity.

In this topic we want to guide you to implement a simple roof garden:

Step (1): Check your building conditions

Before you start to create your simple roof garden or purchase any plants, check with your local building rules to make sure whether you’re allowed to plant on the roof or not. If you’re in an apartment, check with the building owners to understand if they will permit plants because you are planning for a shared space. You need to see if there are any restrictions on height or building aesthetics.
If you want to plan for a simple rooftop garden, make sure your roof is waterproof with no leakage. For applying some coverage techniques, take consultation from a professional or receive chemical waterproofing solutions by consulting an expert. This will solve the escape of water through probable porous parts or small holes which can cause the risk of moisture or other damages to the walls or flooring layers.
Suitable drainage for planters and flower boxes is necessary for a having a well growth for plants inside. You can put them on some available stands. A recommended way to make a slope is to install a bedding made by concrete to transfer water towards rood drainages. You have to consider a proper drainage system specially for heavy rainfall conditions.

simple roof garden

simple roof garden

Step (2): Select your favorite and adjustable plants

Before anything, you have to consider the weather conditions of your roof and especially the normal local climate. Afterwards you will choose your plants accordingly. If your roof is under full sun or painted black, choose sun and heat-loving plants; if the roof has few wind blocks, choose low-to-the-ground plants and use heavy planter boxes.

Step (3): Choose or build your favorite containers and planter boxes

You can plant in simple gallon buckets with drainage holes for your simple roof garden. You also can use custom raised beds for a nicer look. Whatever you choose to plant inside, make sure the planter box has appropriate drainage to avoid your plants’ roots sitting in water or soggy soil, which can cause root rot. Pay attention to the weight limits of the roof because plastic or wooden containers are light weighted and on the other hand, concrete or stone containers are heavy weighted and appropriate only for newer buildings with stronger conditions. The international “Green check” company has a few sizes for interesting flower boxes, planter boxes, and tree boxes to satisfy this wish. Check out our beautiful products for your simple roof garden.

Step (4): use some wind blocks

If your area gets lots of wind, you may want to set up windbreaks around your plants to prevent them from getting blown over on your roof. A simple roof garden usually has some trellis or a few framed wpc walls which will block heavy gusts and anchor your plants in the soil.
Using glasses can also be applied as balustrades and wind buffer on your rooftop garden. The glass gives an unobstructed view meaning you can enjoy more spending time on your rooftop garden.

Step (5): Buy or make the appropriate soil

As there is no ground soil on rooftop gardens, you will need to purchase soil and bring it up to your rooftop planters and containers. Most plants thrive in well-draining soil rich in organic matter, like potting soil amended with organic compost. For your simple roof garden you also can mix the ground suitable soil with high quality fertilizers existing in the market.

simple roof garden

simple roof garden

Step (6): Plant your selected flowers and plants

You can ask us to consult you with our expert team for this topic. Once you prepare the planters and containers, dig holes in your containers and plant your chosen flowers and plants. Have it in mind that some planters in the market use other systems to control the water drainage and prevent water waste. Depending on the weather conditions of the area you will decide to grow plants. If you cannot allot much time watching out your plants day by day, then you may decide to grow the ones requiring low maintenance. Flowers have a gently calming effect and change your mood with their fragrance and colors. You can grow different flower types adjusted with area’s climate. The flowers add color to your simple rooftop garden and turn it to a nice pleasurable place. You can whether grow your favorite flowers in planter boxes or hang them from your vertical green spaces. Water thoroughly after your planting process to settle the soil and anchor the plants.

Step (7): Install or implement a few elements

If you are going to make your simple roof garden more attractive, you can use a few architectural elements. There are a few companies you can ask them to do it for you with affordable prices. We also can be your consultant and implementer for such a requirement. Pergolas, Gazebos, water features, etc. are some elements you can have on your simple roof garden.

Step (8): Water the plants time to time

The simplest way for watering planter boxes on a roof garden is using a watering can. However, for larger rooftop gardens or to avoid extra inconvenience, you can use more extensive watering systems. A popular option is setting up a rain barrel or cistern to catch rainwater in a watering can. You can also set up a trickle irrigation (drip system) connected to a roof-level small peg or plug. Automatic irrigation also can be used for your simple roof garden if needed.

The above topic is prepared for you as a guidance for installing a simple roof garden for your own. You also can use “Green check” services for having a charming simple roof garden if you do not have time for such an intension. “Greencheckco.” is an international company providing products and services regarding roof garden industry and mainly is a group of people gathered in a same team to turn your dreams to reality by a viewpoint of simplicity while architectural utilizability is considerably pointed. Drop us an email or make a connection through our experts in order to receive a full package of free consultation. We also are well-known in designing dreamy roof gardens for our clients. We are waiting for you!

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