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How to make a residential roof garden at a reasonable cost?

How to make a residential roof garden at a reasonable cost

How to make a residential roof garden at a reasonable cost?

Mind is the sea… Ideas are fish… Be the fisherman…
Don’t be afraid of what’s going on in your mind… let the infinite sea of the mind give you its fish in the form of ideas. And pay attention to the fact that a low cost should not cause the quality of your work to decline.

Nowadays, having a green space on our roof has become a matter of course due to the countless benefits it brings us, we are trying to explain to you by preparing this article. Having a residential roof garden and green space on the roof, is not subject to high costs or for a special segment of society, and we can easily reduce its implementation costs with tricks and implement our ideas.Have a residential roofgarden to grow your own vegetables. Don’t have a piece of land to grow your vegetables? Think again! How is it on your roof?!

If you like to have your own garden but don’t want to use your precious property to grow fruits and vegetables, a roofgarden can be the solution for you.
Although roofgardens have been common for decades, this concept first became popular in Germany about 50 years ago.
To put it simply, a roofgarden is actually a covering of plants on your roof.
The most concrete and solid examples in today’s world are wide roofgardens where sedums or grass are planted at a depth of 10 to 15 cm.
Now, with urban agriculture, a new type of garden has been created called rooftop garden. In its edible form, with only less than 30 cm of soil, you can plant most vegetables, aromatic vegetables and even some fruits and vegetables and summer herbs on the roof of the house and even on top of your garage.
The building beams and columns will have to bear more weight.


How to make a residential roof garden at a reasonable cost

How to make a residential roof garden at a reasonable cost

The sun protection layer on the roof and the drainage layer helps the plants drain more easily. Between the surfaces covered with vegetation a 60-cm-wide corridor is required for ease of passage.
roof garden soil, which is lighter than conventional soil, is recommended for this type of roof. The boxes that are placed above the ground level along with the soil filter layer will help these edible gardens.
Your residential roof garden makes the shelter a more specific and better defined for your roof.
As the next item, the light on the northern (and in some regions the southern) wall of the roof receives, creates a good background for vertical cultivation.
Bees help pollinate plants in a residential roof garden.
For a residential roof garden, a proper drainage system for plants should be provided.
Rainwater can be used to water your vegetables when you have a residential roof garden.
Depending on how much you want to expand a residential roof garden, other things to consider include:

  •  A space for the production and storage of composts;
    Rainwater collection and storage system;
    Electrical system and its equipment;
  •  General security and protection with a lock to limit access.
How to make a residential roof garden at a reasonable cost

How to make a residential roof garden at a reasonable cost

Use relatively cheaper plants for greening your residential roof garden.

For example, plants such as Daphne odora – Eastern redbud – Firethorns.
Also, because of their resistance and greenness throughout the year, coniferous plants are a very good option for your roof to be always green, such as Hinoki cypress.
It is recommended to use aromatic plants in your design. The unique scent of these plants can double the pleasure of using the roof garden.

Using simple garden furniture instead of chairs and ornamental furniture

Yes. there is no need to use decorative furniture or chairs that are made with the best materials or have options that are not really useful for a residential roof garden. Isn’t it enough to feel comfortable? For this purpose, “Green check company” offers you benches with wood plastic composite designs. These benches with stainless steel forgings provide you with a very suitable package for a low cost.

Suitable flooring

Roof garden flooring is one of the priorities and important points that we should pay attention to more than anything else. Our suggestion for a beautiful and comfortable flooring, but at the same time economical and cheap for a residential roof garden, is to use artificial grass. The advantage of using artificial grass compared to wood plastic composite flooring, which is considered to be the most common roof garden flooring, but has a relatively higher implementation cost, apart from its cheapness, is its simple and painless maintenance. Artificial grass is low weighted, and is easy to wash and move. It can also help make your residential roof garden greener than other floors.

Using stylish fabric roof shades instead of Gazebos

Using stylish fabric roof shades can greatly reduce the cost of a residential roof garden. To enjoy your free time in the bed of a large and cool shade, you don’t need to build a gazebo and raise your expenses to the sky😊 Use its shade to rest.

  • Automatic irrigation instead of manual watering

  • When we are going to deal with reducing costs of a residential roof garden, using machines and devices instead of human labor can be very efficient. For this purpose, we can use the automatic sprinkler irrigation system, which has the following advantages in comparison with manual irrigation:
    Adjust the water pressure
    Automatic watering according to the predetermined time
    Reducing the amount of water consumed
  • Irrigation according to the type of each plant
How to make a residential roof garden at a reasonable cost

How to make a residential roof garden at a reasonable cost

Using flower boxes instead of rough cement structures

Flower boxes are a very suitable substrate for planting all kinds of flowers and plants, and because of their lower cost and greater beauty, they are preferred over cement structures.

Using Green Check co. ’s fountains instead of very large and expensive fountains or water features

In addition to the wonderful beauty they add to the environment, water features also make the surrounding air clean and cool. Using water features in private spaces such as terraces, courtyards, and residential roof gardens, as well as indoor spaces, brings nature into your homes in a tangible way. Instead of using large and expensive traditional fountains, you can use portable and modern Green Check co. ’s fountains and water features.

These items are just some of the ideas and options that GreenCheckco company pointed for designing relatively cheaper residential roof gardens.

Dear friend, you can contact our consultants for more complete guidance.

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