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Modular roof garden

Modular portable roof garden: a new step towards a green roof

The modular portable roof garden is a creative and ideal solution for turning unused roofs into green and beautiful oases. This type of roof garden, using prefabricated and separate units, brings several advantages, some of which we mention below:


Advantages of modular portable rooftop garden:

In this section, we examine the advantages of  roof gardens

Ease and speed of implementation: unlike the traditional methods of building a roof garden, modular systems are installed quickly and easily. This is because the units are prefabricated and do not require complex infrastructures.

Lightweight: Portable, modular roof gardens are light in weight due to the use of light materials. This issue is especially important for buildings that are limited in terms of roof loading.

Portability: Modular units are designed to be easily moved. This gives you great flexibility to change the layout of your roof garden as needed.

Versatility in design: Modular portable roof gardens are available in various designs, colors, and sizes. This variety allows you to create a roof garden that suits your taste and needs.

Cost reduction: Compared to traditional methods of building a roof garden, modular systems are significantly cost-effective.

Easy to maintain: Modular portable roof gardens are designed to be easy to maintain. Automatic irrigation and drainage systems are built into many of these systems.

Environmental benefits: Roof gardens have many ecological benefits, including air purification, noise pollution reduction, and thermal insulation.

Important points in the implementation of the modular portable roof garden:


Isogam: Before installing the modular system, it is necessary to ensure proper insulation and isogam of the roof.

Protective coating: after Izogam, it is recommended to cover the roof surface with a layer of protective mortar (sand and cement mortar) or stone or ceramic.

Choosing the right modular system: choose the right modular system according to your needs and taste.

Installation: Experts must install modular systems.

Maintenance: Check and maintain your roof garden regularly.

A portable, modular roof garden is a great way to add greenery and beauty to your home or office. These systems have become an ideal choice for turning unused roofs into green oases with several advantages, including ease of implementation, lightweight, portability, diversity in design, cost reduction, and environmental benefits. Green Check Company is the manager of the launch roof gardens all over the world; this collection is made using the best materials.

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