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artificial roof garden

artificial roof garden (2)

artificial roof garden

Using a private space with a personal style is an idea that will have many variations when constructing a roof garden. Roof gardens are pleasant spaces that allow exercising in the morning or spending the night outdoors with friends. Whether a roof garden is made in a simple style or a special design combining different elements, it makes our home or residence fun and attractive.

What is an artificial roof garden?

Artificial roofgarden  are designed and implemented with artificial equipment, including artificial grass. Artificial grass can be a good choice for building an artificial roof garden due to its lack of irrigation. However, this is only one of the advantages of using artificial grass in your roof garden.


artificial roof garden

What are the advantages of artificial grass in the roof garden?

Beautiful views, creating a pleasant atmosphere, increasing the lifespan of the roof, etc., are just some of the advantages of this attractive product. Beautiful pots in combination with the artificial grass of the roof garden
If you add beautiful flower pots to this space or place boxes for planting vegetables in the environment, you can create indescribable beauty.

artificial roof garden
artificial roof garden

Implementation of artificial grass

Artificial grass can be used in different styles and methods. You can combine artificial grass with other products, such as stone and flooring, and implement an attractive design.


artificial roof garden

How to install artificial grass on the roof?

Unlike artificial grass in the garden or on the ground, synthetic grass on the roof requires little background. If there is no danger of the wind blowing the artificial grass, it is enough to spread the grass like a carpet.
However, it would be best if you created the right conditions for using the artificial grass of the roof garden to get the best use out of it. Since this type of grass is installed at a height, some protection against the wind is needed, so there is no problem when the weather changes. The pre-installation measures take very little time, and it is easy to prevent the artificial grass from moving by placing furniture or pots on it.

Construction of an artificial roof garden with the best materials
If you plan to build an artificial roof garden, contact Greencheckco experts. In addition to providing design services, we manufacture and supply various items to create a roof garden. You can visit our projects section on the website to get ideas and contact our experts. You can also send us your information so our designers can prepare the first design for you and, if you wish, implement your approved design using the best materials.

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