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Balcony Garden: A Slice of Paradise in Your Apartment

Despite its many advantages, living in apartments can sometimes create a feeling of being enclosed within walls. But there is a simple solution to this problem: a balcony garden.

What is a balcony garden?

A balcony roofgarden is a charming green space created on your apartment balcony. This small garden can include flowers, plants, shrubs, and even vegetables, providing a relaxing and beautiful space to rest and spend time.

balcony roof garden

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Short and important points

Many trees can be planted in the balcony garden.

Spring and autumn are good times for planting.

The level of difficulty is moderate.

Benefits of a balcony garden:

Enhances the beauty and attractiveness of your apartment:

A balcony garden adds freshness and beauty to your apartment’s facade and creates a charming space for relaxation and spending time.

Connects you with nature:

A balcony garden is a way to get closer to nature in your apartment. The presence of plants and flowers instils a sense of calmness and joy.

Purifies the air:

The plants in your balcony garden help purify the air in your apartment and improve the quality of the air you breathe.

Reduces stress:

A balcony garden is a relaxing space to escape daily stress and anxiety.

Increases the value of your apartment:

Having a balcony garden can increase the value of your apartment.

Tips for designing and building a balcony garden:

Choose the right plants: Choose plants that are suitable for your region’s climate and the amount of sunlight your balcony receives.

Use suitable pots and shelves: To make the most of your balcony space, use pots and wall shelves.

Create a seating area: 

Consider a seating area in your balcony garden for relaxation.

Use proper lighting:

To use your balcony garden at night, use adequate lighting.

Balcony garden ideas:

Vegetable garden:

 You can grow your vegetables in your balcony garden.

Flower garden: 

Create a colourful and beautiful space on your balcony by planting various flowers.

Rock garden: 

Build a beautiful garden on your balcony using stones and suitable plants.

A balcony garden is a simple and low-cost way to create a charming green space in your apartment. You can turn your balcony garden into a slice of paradise with a little creativity and taste.

Challenges of rooftop and balcony gardens: Defeating wind and sunlight

Creating a garden on your balcony or rooftop can beautify and озеленить your apartment. However, strong winds and direct sunlight are major limitations to this endeavour. Don’t worry; you can overcome these challenges with a little planning.


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Take advantage of shade and natural protection:

Look for ways to utilize shade and natural protection, such as walls or fences that shield plants from wind and harsh sunlight. Shaded areas create an ideal environment for plants that are more sensitive to sunburn.

Manage the wind:

If you need to install a trellis or windbreak, ensure the fixings are well-supported. Use slatted or mesh screens instead of solid walls. Solid walls can cause turbulence on the leeward side, so if you have a choice, use slatted or mesh screens that filter the wind, creating a microclimate for the plants within.

Rain on balconies with roofs:

Balconies with roofs may experience insufficient rainfall for plants. To overcome this problem, alternative irrigation methods such as manual watering or installing a drip irrigation system should be considered.

With these solutions, you can create a lush and beautiful garden on your balcony or rooftop and enjoy the freshness and vitality of plants in your home environment.

When to plant balcony garden plants?

The best time to plant plants is in the spring and fall. Other seasons are unsuitable for planting due to the more challenging conditions for plant growth.

In conclusion:

If you are interested in having a balcony garden, you can contact the Green Check team. We design and build roof gardens worldwide using the best materials. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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