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Designing the green space of the hall

Designing the green space of the hall

Creating indoor green spaces: design principles for indoor environments

Creating a green and natural environment inside buildings is more important than ever. Green indoor environments enhance visual beauty and improve employee health and productivity. However, the design of indoor green space needs to consider a set of principles and criteria.

In this article, we will examine the hall's interior green space, its impact on life, and the factors that affect its beauty. If you have any questions, enter them in the page's comment section. 

Which halls are suitable for indoor green spaces? Why?

Today, the use of plants and the design of green space inside buildings and halls have been more and more attention. These indoor green spaces not only increase the beauty and visual appeal but also have positive effects on people's health.

The types of halls in which it is possible to design indoor green spaces include the following:

Office halls and work environments:

The design of indoor green spaces in these spaces can increase employees' relaxation and job satisfaction. Plants in different office parts, such as corridors, rooms, and shared spaces, beautify the environment, improve air quality, increase productivity, and reduce people's stress.

Educational and academic halls:

Indoor green spaces can improve students' concentration and learning in educational environments such as classrooms, libraries, and conference halls. They can also create a relaxing and inspiring environment.

Commercial halls and shopping centers:

Designing indoor green spaces and creating visual appeal in these types of salons can help increase customer satisfaction and longevity. Plants and natural elements create a pleasant and relaxing environment that makes customers stay longer and purchase more.

Halls of hotels and restaurants:

The presence of indoor greenery in reception spaces and hotel and restaurant lobbies helps improve customers' experiences. These green environments create a calm and pleasant atmosphere, which makes guests enjoy their stay or reception more.

With careful design and suitable plants, creating a creative and efficient indoor green space in each type of hall is possible. This increases visual appeal and positively affects people's productivity and health.

Elements and products affecting the interior beauty of the green space:

Different types of products and plants can be used to design the indoor green spaces of the halls. Some of the most commonly used products are as follows:

1. Houseplants:

Houseplants, such as sensoria, philodendron, petus, and Benjamin, are among the most popular interior green space design options. These plants grow easily indoors and are easy to maintain.

2. Hanging plants:

Hanging plants such as taxi raja, English ivy, and aglaonema can enhance the beauty of the halls' interiors and give them a different effect. Their hanging growth creates a covered and unique space.

3. Shade-loving plants:

For the darker spaces of the halls, shade-loving plants such as Spathiphyllum, Drasna, and Zamioculcas can be used. These plants need less light and can grow well in low-light environments.

4. Plants with small roots:

Plants with small and dense roots, such as ferns, flowering plants, and succulents, are suitable for use in vases and decorative containers.

5. Vegetables and edible plants:

In some cases, vegetables and edible plants, such as rosemary, mint, basil, etc., can create a pleasant and practical environment in the halls.

In addition to plants, other decorative elements such as fountains, flower boxes, tree boxes, green walls, and sand and pebbles can also be used to design indoor green spaces in halls. The correct selection and combination of these products can create a beautiful, relaxing, and pleasant atmosphere inside the halls.

What is the cost of green space in the hall?

The cost of indoor green space designs depends on various factors such as the area of the environment, the selected design, the elements used in the environment, etc. Still, in general, the indoor green space of the hall can be implemented for 2000 dollars. 

A reliable company for the implementation of green space in the hall 

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