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landscape designers near me

landscape designers near me

Designing green spaces near you

Designing green spaces near you, in urban areas, villas  landscaping, gardens, etc., requires compliance with the principles and tips that can be done more professionally according to each of them. Although the breath of urban green space design is always constant, it is necessary to proceed innovatively using the latest factors in the world to achieve a different and unique result. Stay with us for more details. Provide comprehensive information about green space design. We are an international company that designs green space near you due to having many branches.

Green space design plan

The green space design plan will be created after the exact measurement of the area to be designed. This plan will have the exact placement of gardens, walking paths, grassed areas, lighting, and all comfort and entertainment equipment. In addition, it is necessary to include the details of planting different flowers and plants selected in different positions of the green space in this initial plan.

This way, creating the desired green space with proper planning and a specific budget is possible.

Green space design services include management and maintenance. After implementing the plan, proper and regular maintenance of plants and green space elements is necessary. You can use these green space design services according to your needs and preferences. Also, depending on your specific project, the landscaping plan may include other services and other aspects.

Tips to keep in mind when arranging green spaces

To design a green space, you must follow some principles and tips; without considering them, your signature will be incomplete at the end of this work.

1. Use all available space and do not leave any waste. Sometimes, parts of the area are left abandoned in the unprofessional design of the green space, and nothing is planted in them, or they are not used in any way. This is not a defect in the environment; it is a defect in the design of the green space that must be considered.

2. Don't forget the proportions. No matter how you design your green space, there must be a proportion of the necessary dimensions in its components. For example, using a pool that is larger than it fits this space or creating a playground that is larger than what fits the area of ​​the green space will detract from its visual beauty and harmony.

3. Pay attention to planting flowers as much as green plants and trees. Although flowers' lives are short, planting flowers can give your green space a more attractive colour. Although handling and replanting will increase the costs a little, it will make your green space look more lovely and provide more vitality.

4. professionally look at the irrigation system. Even if this is a limited villa green space, you should professionally look at its irrigation system and consider installing an irrigation system suitable for your space. Otherwise, you will waste water and time and lose the quality of flowers and plants.

Types of green space

  1. Villa green space design
  2.  Urban green space
  3. Garden green space design
  4. The green space of the hall
  5. Garden green space design
  6.  The green space of the penthouse
  7.  Balcony green space design
  8.  The green space in the yard
  9. Green roof design
  10.  Green space in front of the building
  11. Green space design for hot and dry areas
  12.  The green space of sloping lands

How much does landscaping cost?

The cost of green space design varies depending on your chosen design and the space size. You can contact Green Check Group to learn the cost of green space. You can also read the website to learn more about the About Us page and our services and performance. If you need advice, enter your request through the form on the page and put your contact number so our experts can contact you via WhatsApp.

Everything you need to know:

Green space design company near you

By presenting all the explanations you have read so far, you must have realized that green space design is a specialized matter and should be done by people with practical work experience in this field. Green Check Group is ready to provide its service package anywhere in Iran by providing comprehensive services in villa green space design, garden landscaping, town design, and roof garden design. If you need a free consultation with an expert team and a personal visit to the project site, please get in touch with the phone numbers listed on the site so that our experts in the support department can answer your questions, dear customers, regarding green space design services.

What software is used to design the green space?

Lumion green space design software:

Villa Lumion green space design software is one of the best 3D green space design software used to design and simulate 3D areas. Using this software, you can create realistic and beautiful 3D models of your green space design with minimal effort and time. This software allows you to design your area accurately and in detail using its many tools, such as objects, materials, lighting, etc. In this software, you can easily add all kinds of ground cover, trees, plants, fountains and other green space design elements, and by using simulation tools, you can make the designed models animated and with high realism. Display Other features of this software include:

  • Adding audio and video effects to 3D models
  • Creating 3D animations
  • Sharing 3D models with others via the Internet

Because Lumion is a real-time software, every change you make can be seen now. There is a wide variety of plant objects in the library section of this software. Another reason for the popularity of this software in design is the use of the system's graphics, and for this reason, when we design a large area, the renderings are not heavy, and the file is easily output, unlike other software, which may be due to the coverage. Plant high system slow down. Ultimately, Lumion is easy to learn, but you must become a professional with experience and practical work.

SketchUp green space design software:

SketchUp software is one of the best 3D modelling software for designing 3D models of buildings, interior design, green spaces, etc. Using this software, you can easily create your landscaping plans and optimize and personalize them using various tools. This software allows you to design your green space accurately and in detail using various design tools, such as line tools, circle tools, rectangle tools, etc. Also, by using other tools such as trim tools, selection tools and gloves, you can optimize your design and design more accurately. Among the other features of this software, we can mention various features such as creating a 3D view, creating realistic models, creating 3D animations, etc., which are very efficient for designing 3D green spaces.

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